Design Philosophy:

Humans often forget that we are a part of nature; we are not separate.   We must learn to reconnect and create landscapes that integrate humans into the natural world in a more mutually beneficial way. 

As a designer, I create beautiful, functional landscapes that support both the natural environment and my clients’ needs.  By mimicking and enhancing the natural patterns we observe around us, our own human made landscapes become both functional, self-sustaining, and beautiful.

Our gardens and outdoor spaces can provide beauty, food, and medicine, wildlife habitat, and ecosystem diversity and stability at the same time.  By consciously utilizing the natural abundance in our environment, wastes become resources and problems offer opportunities for creative solutions. 


Full Circle Designs

Full Circle Designs provides Permaculture Design, Landscape Consultations, Permaculture Fundamentals and Design Workshops by a designer with 10+ years of installation and design experience, a Masters Degree in Landscape Design, and certification in Permaculture Fundamentals, Design, and Teaching. 

Ali Cerulli Avalon, MHS  *   *  (303) 506 7186